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Start Quality from Raw Materials

Connect every Process for Value

Quality is manufactured by Doing Things Right from the First Time
& Every Time.

RawConnect.com is a platform focusing on managing the first quality element –
the first M (Materials) of the five quality elements – 5M’s (Material, Man, Machine, Method, Measurement)
to connect with the raw material suppliers and fabrication shops,
as well as other service providers to strive for Quality Excellence and
Continuous Value Improvements to the Partners and the Ultimate Consumers.

Traceability at Raw Material Level is vital for Liability Management, Corrective Actions and Continuous Value Improvement, as well as evidence of compliance to Safety Standards.   We will implement a cloud Traceability Systems connect to all Raw Materials.

A Call for the Best — Our World Class Quality Standards have been developed since the Quality Era in the 80’s.

Continuous Learning with continuous Value Improvement to strive for Supply Chain Excellence drive us
to improve our Standards continuously.  All members must meet our due diligence review and
quality audit requirements.

Being certified by International Standards such as ISO9000, TS16949, Six Sigma…. which are generalized for all factories do not guarantee acceptance by us.   We believe that everyone in the Supply Chain will affect Quality.   Appropriate management of the 5M’s, Continuous Learning & Improvement of each partner’s operations with lean strategy will add Value to the product.

Our Systems qualify the manufacturing processes and certify on the suppliers who execute effective Quality & Supply Chain Management Programs.

At this moment, we serve the lighting industries only.
Services for other industries such as Auto Parts, Metals, Ceramics, Bags, Toys
and Others will be executed at later stages.




We are conducting Due Diligence Reviews with Partners and Improving our Site.

Issues concerning the domain name & website, please email: support@dnpep.com.  Supply issues, please email: supplychain@globalprocuring,com



Wholesale LEDs

– Canopy, Ceiling Light, Downlight, Drivers, Floodlight, Highbay, Liner Track, Panel Light, Street Light, T8 Tube, Tri-Proof, Wallpack



Procurement & Supply Chain Management Service